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Off to ROME!

(Bag: New Look, Hat: H&M, Iphone cover, Sunnies: Topshop, Watch: hippie chic, Camera: Fujifilm Instax Mini, lip cream: NYX, Lip Balm: Carmex, Rome Guide & Map: Lonely Planet, Purse: Accessorize, Travel Journal: Paper chase, Sun cream: Soltan, Liquid Liner: Barry M, Nail polishes: Barry M, iPhone cover: H&M.)


I’m off to Rome this Monday! A little 4 nights 5 days city break with my best friend Paige. I’m beyond excited, Rome has been a desire of mine for years. So happy I finally get to tick that one off. With so much to see and do, good planning is always needed and we sure have jam packed our trip with lots of must see’s. With so much depth of historic heritage and love for all things Italian (Yep I’m talking to you food, architecture, interiors, fashion and hot Mediterranean sun…) I simply can’t wait to explore this amazing city.

Packing for a short city trip

Planning what to take can be overwhelming. But of course very exciting! First thing I do is always make a list so I don’t forget anything! Being organised is key for things to run smoothly and effortlessly. With time it will become much easier the more you travel.

A cabin suitcase with 4 wheels is always best to manoeuvre and helps ease the struggle of carrying a heavy bag. I always like to keep my valuable items with me on flight, that’s got to be my tec gadgets which definitely weighs a bag down. So a small suitcase I highly recommend but of course within that suitcase I take a small handbag that I can pull out easily to reach for my important belongings such as passport, boarding pass, purse and phone.

The tech

Oh I could never go any where with out my baby FYI SLR camera! Also bringing my Instax mini camera for extra fun and scrapbooking memories. An extra memory card for my camera is a must for me just in case I run out of space. Phone for Google maps and photographing things for Instagram. Don’t forget the chargers and international socket converter and a good Power bank to charge up your phone when out and about! I recently purchased the Mophie powerstation that charges up to 5x! Kinda handy don’t ya think.

off to rome - travel essentials - adora mehitabel

(Dress: asos, necklaces, Accessorize, Lipstick: Rimmel London, Perfume: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, contour make up brush: Real Tecniques, Sculpting palette: Rimmel London, Eyeshadow palette: Maybelline, bracelets: New Look, Foundation: No 7 Stay Perfect, Wedges: New Look, Suitcase: Signare, beauty balm: Neal’s Yard Remedies.)

Clothing & Accessories

I love purchasing new items for a holiday and waiting for the trip so I can wear them. I definitely shopped a lot in the month of May, finding things I really love for all my travels. I can’t wait to show you my outfits and of course I will be blogging these in Rome! When ever I’m on holiday I always plan a day time outfit and an evening outfit. Especially when I’m visiting somewhere hot. Sunglasses, sun hat, Kimono adds a little something to an outfit and protects from the sun. Having fair skin and being easily sensitive, protecting my skin is very important.

I can’t go anywhere without dresses! Tbh it’s pretty much all I wear and so easy to put together. A light jacket for the evening and whenever it gets a little bit nippy. Comfy flats aka converse and sandals for the hot weather and walking around the city. Oh and wedges for an evening outing. Other essentials including  PJ’s, underwear, swim wear, beach cover ups and jewellery.

Make up & Toiletries

Most of my make up and toiletries will go into my checked in luggage, I don’t really like to drag it all around. I just keep a few of my essentials with me on flight such as concealer, eyeliner, mascara, lip balm, lip cream, deodorant, anti bacteria hand gel and moisturiser. Paige and I are sharing one large suitcase in order to save costs. These are the rest of the bits I’m taking but in the checked in suitcase…. for my hair dry shampoo, hair oil, tangle teezer, Shampoo and conditioner are musts. For the rest of my make up I bring: Foundation, blusher, eyeshadow palette, bronzer, makeup brushes, lipstick is totally needed. Also For skincare and all the other bits and bobs I bring: Cleanser, body wash, sun cream, perfume, toothbrush, toothpaste and nail polish.

Bits & Bobs

Always got to have those bits and bobs and very important bits and bobs may I add! Pain killers, bottle of water and towel!


I would love to know what your travel essentials are and if you have any lovely adventures planned for summer 16. If you have been to Rome what places do you highly recommend? Be sure you’re following on insta to see my adventure snaps! – @adoramehitabel.

Lots of love Adora x



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